BMW Forced Induction


Where are TCD products made?

All of the main components sold by TCD are made in the USA.  All the manifolds, intercoolers, piping and turbos are made in the USA.  We make it a priority to support small businesses in the USA.  All components are made in North America.

Log versus Tubular turbo manifold

The design of a log style manifold and a tubular manifold themselves to different strengths.  A log manifold has less volume and therefore operates at a higher pressure.  Higher pressure makes boost control easier and tends to offer a quicker spool.  A tubular manifold has a much larger volume which can make boost control tricky but does allow for greater ability to flow at big HP.  Below 500hp, log manifolds work very well.  Above 500hp a tubular manifold will shine.

Internal Engine Strength

All BMW engine are capable of supporting at least 3X the stock power level.  Most engines have forged cranks and rods and strong cast Mahle pistons.  Installing forged pistons will allow most six cylinder BMW engines to support 700hp.

Cylinder Head Sealing

One key to reliability is improving the strength of the headgasket and cylinder head hardware.  A multi layer stainless steel headgasket and cylinder head studs are a big improvement over a stock headgasket and bolts.  They are typically reliable up to about 20psi.

Fuel System

Simply replacing the stock fuel pump with a 255lph Walbro will reliably support 500hp with the properly sized injectors.

Cooling System

Installing an 160F thermostat is the only modification we recommend for a healthy cooling system.

Automatic Transmissions

The 4hp22 will support 300rwhp reliably without modifications for street use.  It will not last long in motorsport environments without additional cooling.

Manual Transmissions

The manual transmissions behind the m20 and m30 are capable with tolerating 3X the stock power levels.  Neither seem to catastrophically fail but the 2nd and 4th gear synchro in the G260 commonly fail.


A clutch upgrade is necessary for any turbo application.  We highly recommend organic clutch discs whenever their capacity meets the requirements.  Organic discs drive like stock and are very forgiving.  They require no break in period.  Kevlar disc require an extensive break period.

Engine Management

The stock Motronic is capable of supporting 350hp but we highly recommend converting to a modern ecu like MegaSquirt.  We have had great success with Megasquirt for both m20 and m30 engines.  That being said, converting to any standalone ecu is a big commitment of either money or time or sometimes both.